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Welcome to Scene-From-Above

offer digital photographic images from elevated, sometimes called aerial, perspectives that provide a new and different visual interpretation for familiar locations. Or maybe just a more complete view at the scene of a special event - a view that would be difficult to achieve by any other means.

Rather than trying to describe this in words we want the images to show you what is possible and leave it to your imagination to decide how you can make use of the benefits.

That is what Scene-From-Above is all about - creating images that inform opinion or record details of situations, objects or events in a way not usually economically achievable by other means.

You are very welcome to wander through the site to see what it contains. But if you are busily looking for something specific to your personal or business needs you may prefer to see mainly images that have some relevance to those requirements.

So on the left of this screen you will find ways to access the sample image libraries which group photographs most closely related to specific businesses, organisations or types of event.

Each section will highlight the potential benefits related to using Scene-From-Above to provide images for related purposes.
Whether you simply want an unusual view of your house, car, boat, garden party or some other type of event related to a personal pride and joy, or you have a commercial need to record visual information for official records, sales promotion or surveys, Scene-From-Above will be pleased to discuss your needs.

And these are just a few of the types of activities for which Scene-From-Above can provide stand-out images. (You will find a more comprehensive list in the 'What can we do for you' pages which are in preparation.)

Contact us to discuss any ideas not already covered on the site or to discuss how and when you would like the images created and for details of our very competitive rates. 

Fire Damage after a pallet factory blaze at Castle Donington


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